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In the annals of Irish whiskey, the story of D.W.D. is one of the most illustrious. Founded by John Brannick, an exceptional distiller, on the northside of Dublin city in 1872, the distillery rapidly established itself as one of the best in the world. By 1940 D.W.D. had weathered the storms that had decimated the Irish whiskey industry, yet despite this feat, D.W.D. was deliberately killed off for the personal gain of a few.

It was a cold-blooded betrayal often noted in heated exchanges on the floor of the Irish Parliament. A lasting eulogy was made by Tom O’Higgins, then a Parliamentarian and a future Chief Justice of Ireland when he stated the premature demise of D.W.D. enterprise was “one of the greatest scandals that ever happened to this country”.


Brannick could only take pride in today’s renaissance of Irish Whiskey and of a modern Dublin, unrecognisable from when he laid the cornerstone of his great enterprise in the summer of 1872. However, the values he embodied are timeless and his endeavour has endured far beyond the bricks and mortar of his once great distillery.

It is his achievements and the values they represent that led a group of industry veterans and whiskey enthusiasts to recognise the stature of D.W.D. and make plans for its return.

The revival of D.W.D. has begun with the creation of a new independent Irish whiskey blender and bottler which in time will lead to the building of a new distillery on the northside of Dublin city.


“We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future.” - George Bernard Shaw

It is no small responsibility, to take one of Ireland’s great lost brands, a whiskey steeped in the principles of its creator, deeply woven into the fabric of the country’s past, and bring it back to life. DWD established its reputation as “the Finest Whiskey in the World” through the unwavering commitment of one man.

We therefore did what Brannick would have done and turned to the best establishing a team whose passion and expertise could rival that of the past Master and who could rekindle the flame that was so prematurely extinguished from history.

We have established the Dublin Whiskey Distillery Company as a new independent Irish whiskey blender and bottler to revive the D.W.D. brand. Our first offering and the first release under the D.W.D. name in over seventy years is the D.W.D. Heritage edition. It has taken three years to develop, utilising the finest Irish whiskey stocks and having recruited exceptional blending expertise born of several decades of experience.

“Heritage” is a proprietary whiskey which we believe is worthy of the D.W.D. name and of the legacy of John Brannick.

The D.W.D. Heritage edition reflects the changes in emphasis within Irish whiskey since Brannick’s distillery closed and we would like to believe this release reflects how the original D.W.D. expressions would have evolved.

D.W.D. has spent 3 years, created and reviewed over 117 blends and assembled a panel of master distillers to craft, blend, judge and guide our process.

Heritage is a blend of malt and grain whiskeys, aged between five and ten years and matured mainly in first-fill American oak Bourbon casks.


On the 17th of October 2017, 71 years to the day after the original D.W.D. distillery sold at auction, the distinguished Irish whiskey name D.W.D. was reborn when our families, friends and associates gathered together to celebrate and witness the launch of the D.W.D. Heritage edition.

D.W.D. today is not a copy of the past: a reproduction for nostalgia’s sake. Since the distillery was auctioned off in 1946 the world has moved on and advances in the art of distilling cannot be ignored.

However, some values are timeless and remain valued today as they did when John Brannick laid the cornerstone of his distillery; real character, brave resolve and a true sense of belonging.

D.W.D. today is the heir of its noble ancestor, a modern whiskey drawing on the wisdom of the past. In time, Brannick’s house will be rebuilt and perhaps his achievements matched. But for now, raise a glass to the return of the “Finest Whiskey in the World”, and look forward to the glories yet to come.

The Enduring Irish Spirit ® (6TEN)

Ireland’s history of whiskey distilling runs long and deep. The mercurial craft of Irish whiskey making has lost none of its ethereal mystique and remains indelibly woven with what it means to be Irish. Irish whiskey has oiled a rich and eclectic culture that has reached far beyond our island shores despite the challenges faced; neither war, nor famine or draconian law, be it home-grown or foreign made, or the shifting sands of empires and nations, or the shallow trends of libatious fashion has halted this most resolute spirit.

The revival of Dublin’s Own ®, D.W.D. Irish whiskey is the essence of this enduring spirit. It is a tale of two journeys: a journey back in time into the extraordinary story of the “Finest Whiskey in the World”, a story of one man’s vision, gloriously realised, crushed by history and destroyed in a very Irish betrayal.

It is also a journey into the future, the future of a once-great distillery, dismantled, neglected and in most cases forgotten. Until now.

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